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Clínica De Retina Y Vítreo . Pacifica Salud.

Ciudad De Panamá Panamá. Boulevard Pacífica Y Vía Punta Darién

Oftalmología  Retina Y Vítreo

Para Citas: https://www.cliniweb.com/citas/edith-perez


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Dr. Edith Perez de Lopez is a fraudster who scams people out of their money.

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Dr. Edith Perez de Lopez is a fraudster who scams people out of their money. I did a eye retina test at the Centro de Cirurgia Ocular and was told to see Dr. Edith Perez de Lopez which works at Clinica de Retina y Vitreo who would explain what the results meant. When I went to the doctor and showed the results, stating that the lab had suggested she could explain their meaning, she sent me to do the test again. The exact same one. I did it and paid 200 dollars, and when I was paying, I saw that the test names were identical. I don’t speak good Spanish and there was no English spoken there, so I went to another doctor and asked if these were the same tests. And he said Yes – these are the same tests! My husband went to the clinic and argued, but they pretended not to understand. Then they said the doctor had declared that tests conducted in another lab were invalid, they had to be done at their place. But Dr. Edith has an old machine for the eye retina test, while the lab where I got it done has all new equipment. So why does the Centro de Cirurgia Ocular lab recommend this doctor if the tests are invalid? My husband argued and said they were scamming people, and they returned us 100 dollars, even though they should have returned all the money. This Dr. Edith scammed me out of money and made me do the same tests. I will file a complaint with the hospital management, why do they need a fraudster like Edith who will ruin the hospital’s reputation! Don’t go to her, she makes you do tests you don’t need! She deceives you!

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